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Thursday, Apr 24th

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Things that make a career woman marriage material

Things that make a career woman marriage material

You've been dating a girl from many days, but you're not sure whether she's “The One”.

You know she's affectionate and attentive, but you wish you could change that one little thing about her. What is that?

Although both of you get along well, there are some things that you would like to change about her. You and your honey share almost everything in common, still you decided to break up. So, what is that you should really look for in a woman to build a successful marriage? What other qualities should your bride-to-be possess?

To find out if a woman is a marriage material, the best way is to ask a few questions to yourself. Here are some basic points you should look at before your relationship progress to something really meaningful.

Personality is one of the things that make a career woman a marriage material. You should look for her emotional makeup which includes psychological characteristics, styles, emotional states and expressions. Her level of self-esteem and her perspective on the world can be the difference between a life of bliss and a living hell. Look for what's her understanding of intimacy, her level of confidence, her ability to share, and commit. Also look for her strengths, weaknesses, level of vanity, respect of self and others, and the attitude towards the things you find important in life.

Sexual and Physical compatibility changes according to the people. For some, romance and intimacy play an important part, while for others it's the physical act itself, maybe something wild and kinky. A few traits to remember while looking for a missus may be her level of interest in romance, foreplay, sex and love, communication, risk taking, physical appearance, and playfulness.

Money matters a lot! Her way of handling money can tell you a lot about her and can make the difference between an existence in poverty and a comfortable life, so it's necessary to be compatible in this area. You must pay attention to her personal and professional goals, lifestyle, spending style, savings, retirement plans, and ideas of money and debt in general.

The ways she interacts, and her view of the world shows the long-term mutual compatibility. Some are casual observers of life while others are aggressive personalities. You may have to check out her skills, level of education, goals, mistakes, sense of humor, how she expresses ideas, her interest and quickness of thought.

Having spiritual values doesn't necessarily belong to religious orientation, but a basic belief about life in general. You might call it a sense of self; a reason for living. It involves beliefs about ethics, the importance of family, religion, a purpose of life, integrity, responsibility, honesty, and other similar social values.

If you're interested in someone as a long term partner or potential wife, it's necessary to know her views on each of these five components. The more areas of compatibility, the stronger the foundation of relationship will be. These five areas make any woman a marriage material. And of course, these basic rules apply to anyone looking at a potential partner.