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Sunday, Apr 20th

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Do Working Women Really Make Bad Wives?

Do Working Women Really Make Bad Wives?

The debate surrounding the housewife and the career woman have long been the source of insecurity, frustration, and hurt for women on either side of the invisible fence.

Today, in many households, it is essential for a wife to work to help her family, financially. People acquire debt, start families, and move up in the standard of livings. In such situations, the woman who has a career, is being a good wife, by making financial help to her family and taking some of the stress off of her husband.

In most of the marriages, there comes a time when the husband and wife will begin to expand their family with children. Children have different needs and it also makes a difference in, how good a wife can be, as a working woman. As children do take energy and time from the mom, she may find it difficult to juggle children and career, and still make time for her husband. There may be times when she should take time off from her career, if this is at all possible.

Energy levels can vary dramatically according to women. While some have the energy to have both, a family as well as a career, others may find this quite challenging, or even impossible. Some careers as well as families take more physical and/or mental levels of energy than others. This will make a difference in where the energy resources of a woman allocated and how they measure out to meet each of her responsibilities and obligations.

Today, there are many career women who have found that they're able to work part-time during the more pressing times within their families and marriages. It is one of the best ways to keep career going and at the same time, ensuring that the needs of family are being met too. There is a variety of careers those women can do from home, with the help technology or internet.

A working woman doesn't need to be a “bad wife”. She can actually become a successful wife as she helps to contribute to the family finances and also finds personal fulfillment that can add to her own happiness as well as life satisfaction. To be a housewife or a career woman, should be up to each woman individually, with the opinions of her husband too, and no one outside of this relationship should feel judgmental about the decision that is made by them.