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Wednesday, Apr 16th

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Marissa Mayer - Role Model of work-life balance

Marissa Mayer

There is no task on the earth that women cannot pursue and perhaps nothing that they cannot acquire. The youngest CEO of Fortune 500 companies, Marissa Mayer has proven this fact since her early career. Recently she gave birth to a baby boy and now has become a full-time mother, though perfectly managing her work-life balance. Being CEO of Yahoo!, she kept her promise of resuming work within weeks after her delivery. Proving her intelligence since her early executive status in Google, she is going through tough job of motherhood where nurturing her baby is on top priority. Nevertheless, a tweet from the new mother portrayed her back-to-work status on Tuesday, merely 2 weeks after giving birth to the baby.

Yahoo! must be appreciated for its decision to appoint an expecting woman as CEO which concludes that, not only men can effectively balance executive life and parenthood. Rather, women prove to be great mothers as well as executives and can efficiently act upon their work-life balance. Despite being a new mother, Mayer has to look after her CEO status in the today's one of the top Internet destinations and work for its profits as the company seeing revenue downturns. Considering her responsibilities towards the company, she has to balance her personal as well as professional life. Likewise, she never gave an outlook whether she would be able to take on both the responsibilities well. Rather she was seen enthusiastic and excited about her forthcoming life and motherhood.

Mayer announced her pregnancy on the same day when she was appointed as a CEO in Yahoo! Adding one more challenge to her list of multiple challenges in executive life, she has set an ultimate example for women going through similar phase of life. Around 70% of working women have children below 18 years of age and parenting them while pursuing work is a challenge within itself. Despite, numerous women have to go through it to earn their living and nurture their children and family. It has been proven that women are more successful in parenthood and work balance than men, though children mostly rely on mothers for their up-bringing.

Like Marissa Mayer, there are many woman representatives who manage personal life and professions easily. The only fundamental they follow is, as their little one's eyes close, their laptops open for work. Most of them work full-time despite having children and equally look after their work and handle workplace responsibilities. But it doesn't say that the full-time work means part-time motherhood. Relatively, such women have to look after their children with equal attention, thus converting their rest hours into working days.

Mayer's choice to resume work in early motherhood is rather a lesson for working mothers which portrays how a successful woman's life works. It will teach them the exact values of executive life and the ways to handle work and life altogether, along with extending leeway of their careers.