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Sunday, Apr 20th

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Juggling Career and Family is Difficult for Women Says IMF Chief

Juggling Career and Family is Difficult

Christine Lagarde, International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief, has changed the history of the IMF by becoming the first woman to position as its head. In an interview with American television, Lagarde commented that juggling career and family together at once is very difficult for women. She further said that while managing both these things, women must accept the failures or difficulties, they will need to face.

Lagarde is 56-year-old positioning as the head of IMF and is in charge of the negotiations to prevent the Euro and bailout Greece. She is also a French lawyer and Union for a Popular Movement politician and tries to manage her career as well as family similar to other women. Prior to this, she was holding French ministerial posts like Minister of Agriculture and Fishing, Minister of Trade in the Dominique de Villepin's government and after that Minister of Economic Affairs, Finances and Industry. Along with being a first woman to be the head of IMF, she was the first woman ever who held the post of Minister of Economic Affairs of a G8 economy. Being famous for her outside life instead of work, she has attended the Paris fashion shows sitting in front row and has been profiled in Vogue magazine. Among the most powerful women in the world rankings by Forbes, she is currently ranked on the eighth position.

Lagarde is divorced and is currently living with her new partner in Washington. While setting her career goals in the law firm Baker and McKenzie, she became a mother of two sons at the age of 30. She currently tries to perform all her motherhood responsibilities in the life of her two sons, Thomas of 24 years and Pierre-Henri of 26 years who haven't followed her in politics.

She in the interview with an American television suggested to women that if they want to manage their family and career, they need to face the obstructions in their paths. Most of the times, they may fail and will require lot of patience to attain their juggling goals or they may have to concentrate on one goal at a time. She said that there men who treat her in a patronizing manner despite she being positioned as the head of IMF but at such situations she asks women to grit their teeth and face the situation happily.

Christine Lagarde was a former synchronized swimmer and still stands tall and slim. She is an inspiring example for women who find it tough to handle their career and family at once. Women should take her as their idol and learn to balance their lives.