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Friday, Apr 25th

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Tips Every Working Women Should Run From

Tips Every Working Women Should Run From

There's a big market for helping women to find happiness at work. The reason may be that women read more than men.

Or maybe it's the discrepancy that many men think they are good parents while women think they need to be better parents. The list goes on... in a glass-half-empty kind of way.

In general, the strength of women is that they see things more clearly. As compared to men, it's a glass-half-empty world for women. Sometimes, women get wrong advice from people. Here are some totally annoying pieces of advice people give women all the time.

Get a book deal which lets you write about men you admire
Though it is great idea to get a book deal, why should women spend years for writing books that fall over the men they work with? There are some books by women who spent years researching and reporting on men doing what they would probably like to be doing themselves. Why not dump the idea of book and do the jobs you write about rather than pretending you're not interested in that? If you want to get paid for writing about men, there are many writers ideal for you.

Look at the lists of best companies for women to work for
This is yet another bad advice given by people to most women. This is merely an advertising ploy, and not a plan for you to run your life. Every single time, there is a list like this. Most of these include the corporate careers that are set up for the one kind of life: very focused and no other interests. And this is not something that appeals to most women. So, forget about the lists. Deciding on which company is on and which is off according to the list, is statistically insignificant for women who are planning their career.

Don’t cry at work
Everyone knows, women cry a lot and men don't. So, there is no point in advising women to be men at work. People who do best in their careers are people who are their true selves. There's a big secret about crying though. Men, secure with themselves as well as their position, actually deal with women who cry just fine. So, a guy at work who cannot deal with your crying needs some therapy to be more self-assured. On the other hand, you are doing just fine with those workplace tears.

Marry a stay-at-home dad
This is one of the bad advises people give to women. According to them, you should marry a stay-at-home dad to give you more space to grow your career. But, most women don't want to marry a stay-at-home dad. No matter how much money a woman makes, most of them always try to find a guy who earn more than them. So, for a good career, be true to yourself and admit that you don't want a stay-at-home husband.