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Wednesday, Apr 23rd

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The terrible career advice from your worst Frenemy

The terrible career advice from your worst Frenemy

The theory of demand and supply is, arguably, the most fundamental tenet of the free market. It is same in the marketplace of ideas and opinion.

This is where women, especially, get tripped up on the demand and supply of career and relationship advice.

It happens most of the time that women get from other women can be very annoying. Whenever we hear from someone, “what the hell are you listening to her for”, it comes from the innate understanding that most women, although unknowingly in most cases, tend to give each other bad advice. Yet women demand it from their girlfriends, who are also happy to supply it. They think that their girlfriends are uniquely qualified to provide sound advice on careers. But, in actual, they're not! Here are some bad and irritating career advices women always get from their frenemy:

You can wait to have kids
This is one of the worst career advices most of the women give each other. According to them, you can wait for children, there's no rush, which is actually not the truth. Because after 35, your chances of having a Down Syndrome baby increase. If you've two kids after age 30, the chances are high to have a miscarriage. And women want time between kids, which means it will take you at least five years to have two kids.

So, if you want to have kid at the age of 30, you should marry by 28, because it is said that marriages do best if there is time available before having kids. And if you want to marry by 28, you probably need to find the guy at the age 26. Hence, you should probably get married first and then focus on a career.
Report sexual harassment, even if it’s just a minor infraction

This was actually a good advice for the 1970s, because it was the time when people didn't believe it was happening. But today, everyone knows that it happens all the time. There will be hardly any woman who didn't experience some sort of inappropriate behavior from a man during her first five years of work. But it is also a truth that there is no longer a salary gap between men and women, and there are more unemployed men than women. So, it's difficult to show that women are actually victimized at work today.

Instead, now there is a major acceptance among senior management that the company should not be involved in sexual harassment lawsuits. So, human resource people are trained to protect the company from these lawsuits. It means as soon as a woman reports or complains about harassment, the company tries to protect itself from a lawsuit, doing everything it's legally obligated to do. Though illegal, the retribution against such women is huge. Companies aren't legally obliged to comfort woman, but to protect the company. And this doesn't happen just at work, but men harass women all over the place. So, there's general consensus that women shouldn't report sexual harassment, but can handle it themselves.

Read business books to become a good leader
This is not the truth all the time. Most of the business books are written by men, and the latest research shows that men and women lead differently. Many a times, women who lead like women, do better than women who try to lead like men; because people who are authentic and true to themselves, do better at work. If you're true to yourself, and do what you feel right, then you'll be good at your work. If you cannot be true to yourself, then no book will make you a good leader. So, spend time on self-knowledge rather than business books.