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Thursday, Apr 24th

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You are here: Workplace Career Advice Study says workplace flirtatiousness, advantageous for women

Study says workplace flirtatiousness, advantageous for women

Study says workplace flirtatiousness

Whether it is enticing looks or a flirty wink, women seem to be at advantage when they use their feminine charms at workplace. According to a recent study, women using their sex appeal are likely to get their work done at ease. Professor Laura Kray of Haas School of Business said that, women being flirtatious at workplace can easily get ahead on negotiations and can land-up on a good deal merely showing their appreciable feminine qualities and a bit of flirtatiousness. According to her, switching on to the so called 'feminine charm' is the easiest way to acquire a workplace goal. But that does not means one should overdo on their flirtatious attitude. Rather, to an extent where the behavior is authentic and shows confidence and intelligence, proves to be beneficial to achieve a target.

Flirting at workplace is not only the case with today's young generations, but various senior women representatives and executives as well, appreciate the fact of being 'big flirts'. They agree that being flirtatious is certainly advantageous, thus putting work to ease. On the other hand, though it is advantageous, there are certain etiquettes at every workplace regarding the flirtatious behavior. Merely to get work done easily and deals to settle down, end of the day, women should not look like a bimbo, going beyond her ethics and working. Some colleagues would not like such kind of nature which can eventually result into job loss or post demotions. At times, flirtatious women may appear less authentic, genuine and perhaps would seem to be less trustworthy to handle job responsibilities.

During a study regarding the same, around 100 management students of the school were asked about their dependence on physical charm for settling down on negotiations. Majority of the males believed in feminine charm and were likely to land on fair deals with sexy women on the opposite side. The study further stated that, women winking and getting physically close to salesmen were able to bag large discounts for a particular product. On the other hand, men behaving in flirtatious manner were disregarded and women appeared to be ignorant towards such men. This has proved that, only feminine charms can help in dealing with negotiations to a large extent.

According to professor Kray, flirtatiousness to a certain limit is beneficial. For being a successful negotiator, all one needs to do is, flirting with their own inner personality. Behaving genuinely and having fun with the job is the best way to acquire a target. It would be a way to be confident and tackle negotiations easily, thus acquiring the desired target, not forgetting the flirtatious touch to the characters.