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Thursday, Apr 24th

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Women Hold 20% of Political Power Globally

Women Hold 20% of Political Power

Women, who constitute one half of world's human capital, are holding around 20% of the world's political power according to World Economic Forum's annual Global Gender Gap Report 2012. In 2011 it was noticed that political decision making gap reduced by 19%, whereas, presently the value has climbed just by 1%. The report solely portrays framework capturing leeway of gender-based disparity around the globe and it recently said that, numerous countries are looming in appropriate direction considering the gender gap. However, considering the minute changes in political decision making gap, it seems that the approach is sluggish where positive changes are seen at very small and slow rate.

The report benchmarks gender gaps based on economic, political, health and education criteria, considering approximately 135 countries worldwide. While taking into account the political power of women globally, the ranking works through various factors like maternal deaths, life expectancy and total number of female government ministers in those 135 countries. In case of education and health gender disparities, the recent report says that the gender gap is narrowing down at a faster rate. 96% of gender gap considering health has disappeared while 60% of labor gender gap has been closed which is by far a noteworthy change.

In United States, it is seen that only 17% of Congress comprises of women, which is invariant since 2005. Moreover, the country has tumbled down from 17th to 22nd position in overall index, from 2011 to 2012. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) report, countries like Chad, Yemen and Pakistan are still lacking behind in women participation and rights, whether economically or politically. The countries score very less in case of economic participation and political empowerment of women. The Forum is working for rights of women in such countries as well as places where the gender gap is contracting at very slow rate.

For countries which are gradually advancing thus reducing the gender gap, the WEF is undergoing pilot projects, supporting and mentoring female owned projects. WEF will work with government and private companies of these countries to establish various programs, minimizing the gender gap. World is developing rapidly and this creates room for talent shortage. However, involving women in various fields is one of the utmost necessities to get along with the emerging trends and talent requirements.

Gender violence in Tanzania - ruining education

Gender violence in Tanzania

As per The Citizen's report, schools and communities lack in protecting girls from violence and provide them basic rights, even though gender discrimination is illegal today. Violence has been one of the major reasons for girls lacking behind in access to quality education in Tanzania as well as other developing countries. Although girls and boys should be treated as equal, entitling similar rights for both of them, gender inequity is the cause why young girls have to face child poverty to a large extent.


Saudi Arabia recruiting women in religious police workforce

Saudi Arabia recruiting women

Saudi Arabia's religious police department is planning to recruit women in their workforce. This is the first time Saudi Arabian's are involving women in one of their major departments, regardless of their traditional and ultra-conservative society. The action is perhaps one of the noteworthy signs of tentative social reforms in Saudi Arabian society. According to the religious police workforce namely, The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, they would end the long-standing ban on female officers, thus forming the very first all-women unit in their religious workforce.


Start tweeting for better business

Start tweeting for better business

Gone are the days when marketing for your business was only through newspaper advertisements or classifieds.


How Facebook can validate your decision to be a career woman

How facebook can validate your decision to be a career woman

It is very likely, for one to think, that a successful but single career woman in her mid 30s, watching the photos of her high school friend’s new baby or wedding photos of her college boyfriend,