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Friday, Apr 25th

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In need of woman leaders to make the world green

In need of woman leaders to make the world green

For a better tomorrow, it is the need of the time to build a green and eco-friendly society. Today’s world faces the political, moral and scientific challenge to build a sustainable atmosphere.

But the questions that arise are, are we organizing and congregating enough talent and resources needed to tackle this grave problem? Are we endowed enough to provide a greener and better planet for the future generations?

It is the order of the day to produce women leader who can make the world green. But why do we need women as leaders? The answer lies in the collaborative approach of women to solve problems and their stature as role models for the future generations, which makes them ideal as leaders. The world needs women leaders in areas like urban planning, life sciences, renewable energy, sustainable development and engineering to revive our traditional, carbon-based economy. We find many women functioning as leaders in government, nonprofit, and business fields but very less to cope up with the enormity of the upcoming calamity.

To make the world green, more women are needed in science, technology, engineering and mathematic careers (STEM). The National Science Foundation has stated that only 27% of engineering and science jobs are held by women in US. According to NSF, nearly 50% of the biological science and mathematics undergrads are women, but their numbers dip steeply at the post graduation and doctorate levels. Also in engineering streams like mechanical, electrical and aerospace, the number of female students is less than 15%. These science and engineering studies are very important to address energy challenges on a global scale and the insufficient number of women in these fields is not helping the cause either.

The problem is not limited to the United States. The number of women scientists and researchers is low, compared to their male counterparts, all over the world. To deal with the re-creation of the green world, the future of earth needs the dynamic involvement of educated women, on a local as well as global scale. After all, only making a ‘Green America’ won’t be the enough, right?

So, what the world needs, today, is an international commitment and focus to provide for the education and welfare of women, globally. To make this possible, we need women who can be strong leaders and role models to show other women the path to a greener and better world.