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Thursday, Apr 17th

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Green women you must follow on Twitter

Green women you must follow on Twitter

The micro-blogging website, Twitter, is a great platform for communicating with friends and groups of interest.

From sharing news and information to quality content, Twitter has something for everyone.

For the eco-friendly or ‘green’ enthusiasts, there are many women on Twitter whom you can follow.

Elaine Hsieh – According to Elaine she is a ‘Global business strategist and former green building geek, focused on energy, sustainability, and innovation’. She is currently the global business strategist at KEMA and was a past member of US Green Building Council. Elaine regularly tweets about an array of environmental and energy issues.

You can follow her @elaineishere
Joanna Yarrow – Joanna Yarrow is the founder of Beyond Green, a consultancy that helps to deliver sustainable developments and also plans, designs, develops and conceives business models for sustainability. She can be followed @joannayarrow

Olivia Zaleski –
Olivia is a new media reporter focusing on green tech. She is the anchor of Fortune Magazine’s Business of Green Series, CNN, Environmental Correspondent of and has also launched Huffington Post Green. You can follow her @OliviaZaleski

Jaymi Heimbuch – Jaymi is a writer for Discovery’s TreeHugger and Planet Green blogs. She writes and tweets about green gadgets, global water issues, sustainability and clean tech. You can follow her @Jaymiheimbuch

Diane MacEachern –
Diane is an accomplished writer, speaker and a communications professional and she tweets about empowering women consumers to use their marketplace influence to save the environment. Diane has also written Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World. Follow her @DianeMacEachern