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Thursday, Apr 24th

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Green gadgets for green women

Green gadgets for green women

Some people think that gadgets are a “guy” thing, but what they do not know is that women account for around 40% of the consumer electronic sales! And if the woman is a working woman, she has come to rely on gadgets more and more. But along with increasing usage of gadgets, many women have also become conscious of the environment issues surrounding them. Women have started opting for green and eco-friendly gadgets and there are many companies that have launched green gadgets for the green women!

ASUS U Series Bamboo Collection-U33JC – With 15% bamboo used in the construction of the laptop, the ASUS Bamboo Collection laptop is one of the best green laptops found today. The company provides the laptop in an eco-friendly packaging, produced by 100% recycled natural bamboo pulp. And add to that, features like Intel Core i3 370M processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive and a 13 inch display; making this laptop a perfect tool for the green working woman.

Samsung Replenish – How about a smartphone, that too an Android and that too an eco-friendly one?! Many women will want to quickly get hold of this, world’s first eco-friendly, Android phone. The phone is created by partially recycled plastics and recyclable packaging which makes this phone almost completely recyclable! With Android 2.2, a 2.8 inch QVGA display, 2 megapixels camera, GPS and a Raspberry Pink color especially for the fairer sex, you can’t ask for more.

Citizen Eco Drive Watch – This solar powered timepiece is an excellent accessory for environment conscious woman. The watch is powered by solar cells and also features a delicate bracelet, perfectly complementing your office wear.

Noon Solar Linden Bag –
Noon Solar is one of the most stylish and savvy green products for women. The bag collects solar energy which charges your gadgets and is made from organic hemp and naturally dyed chemical-free leather; that means no two bags can be similar! A great buy for the women who want to be different yet eco-conscious.

Gota Dishwasher – Washing dishes and saving water seems a bit difficult task, but with Gota Dishwasher you can accomplish this task as the gadget conserves a huge quantity of water while the washing process. The dishwasher initially steams all the dishes and then uses the cooled vapors for washing the dishes, thus reducing the water consumption to almost half.