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Thursday, Apr 24th

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Gadgets to make you look beautiful at work

Gagets to make you look beautiful at work

Apart from balancing the home and office, a working woman also has the responsibility of looking good and presentable, especially at the workplace.

But, with such a busy schedule, it is very difficult to follow a daily beauty regime. So, gadgets - the tool which was invented to make human life easier, is at your service again. There are many gadgets available in the market which can make you look beautiful at work.

Eyezone Massager – Our eyes bear the brunt of all our office work. Sitting all day in front of the computer and eyes continuously focused on screens can make your eyes tired and lead to nasty headaches. The Eyezone Massager has a combination of three proven therapies that relieves the tension around the eyes and temples. A great gadget to dampen the office blues.

Chi Styling Iron – The Styling Iron by Chi is a perfect gadget for your hair. Wearing the same monotonous hairstyle at office daily can be quite boring. But with this hair styling gizmo you can do straightening, fluffing, lifting and curling your hair without visiting the hair salon.

Blow Monkey –
You might find this gadget a bit childish, but, practically, this unique device is very useful. No one likes chipped nail paint and getting your nail paint dried while getting late for office can be quite frustrating. Blow Monkey is your savior, at these times, as it can dry your nail polish in no time. Moreover, the monkey is kinda cute!

Safetox Beauty – Wrinkles is one of the biggest foes of women, so no wonder seeing the first sign of wrinkles makes you run to take a Botox injection. But now forget taking the painful injections every few months, Safetox is here. Strap this amazing gadget to your head and it starts stimulating and relaxing your facial muscles giving same results like Botox.

Office Survival Kit – It happens many times that you’re in office and you come up with your ladies emergency. Office Survival Kit is god sent for such times. Although it is not your usual ‘gadget’, it serves the same purpose – to make your life easier. The stress-busting kit is completely packed with all kind of stuffs like moisturizer, lip balm, tooth brush and toothpaste, tampon, sewing kit, cotton buds, fresh wipes, mints, etc. in a relatively small kit.