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Thursday, Apr 17th

Last update09:35:25 AM GMT

You are here: Women 2.0 Gadgets Amazon offers ‘Self Publishing’ Program with its new range of Kindle

Amazon offers ‘Self Publishing’ Program with its new range of Kindle

Amazon offers ‘Self Publishing’ Program with its new range of Kindle

Some gadgets make a lasting impact on human life and revolutionize the way some things work, one of these gadgets is surely the Amazon Kindle. Kindle has revolutionized the way people read, allowing them to carry their passion for reading wherever they go. In fact, Kindle has also been successful in attracting huge female fan base and spotting a woman glued to her Kindle in a busy tube or subway station is a common occurrence. Even women who do not have reading as a passion, find Kindle an easy way of passing their time in the busy traffic or during a journey. Carrying a tech gadget like Kindle has also become a way of demonstrating ones taste and sophistication.

With an aim of enhancing the user experience, Amazon has recently launched a range of Kindle devices, with upgraded technology and features. Their new range includes Kindle Fire HD Tablets and an updated but lower cost version of Kindle e-reader. Along with the updates, Amazon has also maintained its priority on content and services, rather than focusing on devices. In a further step towards this commitment, Amazon has decided to expand its self-publishing of books. Thus, it is providing a platform for authors to reach to millions of readers with its Kindle Serials. So, whether you are a working woman who has a flair for writing or a stay-at-home mom who writes in her pastime, with 'self publishing' you can go ahead and give an identity to your work. This recognition comes at a rather low cost when compared to traditional methods of getting books published. The books published under Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) are exclusive to Kindle, allows the publisher to set prices and earn high royalty on them.

Amazon is known for its pursuit of generating new forms of content; self publishing has allowed books to make their way to the Kindle without unnecessary hassles. It is found that even today, 27 out of the top 100 books in Kindle Store are self published books. With Amazon extending the self-publishing feature, more content and books are expected to find their way to the Amazon's digital store. Not only this, Amazon has made further addition - serialized titles to this feature by allowing authors to publish their works in installments. In Kindle Serials, each serial costs about $1.99 and each issue gets appended to the previous issue.

A study conducted recently showed that women prefer e-readers while men are attracted towards tablets. With the range of new Kindle devices and self-publishing feature, functionality of Kindle for women has increased many-folds.