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Wednesday, Apr 23rd

Last update09:35:25 AM GMT

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Slim and usable iPad Mini for Women

Slim and usable iPad Mini

Apple has finally unveiled its sleek little miniature called iPad Mini which was highly speculated since months. Though men have been freaks of Apple devices all through, Apple seems to be targeting more towards women, this time. The new little device is predicted as best suiting for women where it would be easily slipped into handbags and purses. The company has specially designed the device to be easily carried and handled by women. The features integrated in the device are almost relevant to the standard iPad but its slim-trim appearance would be beneficial and finely usable for women.

It has been noticed that women use tablet computers for e-reading purpose to a large extent. Considerably, Apple has designed iPad Mini as a high-end e-reader, targeting the women customers. The tiny device, which would provide larger view than an iPhone, has got great appearance, serving as a great style icon to proudly carry along anywhere. Spectacularly made with aluminum and available in some girly colors as well, other than white or black, the device would give an easy access to Internet with LTE connectivity. Women are more beauty and look conscious. Considerably, the iPad Mini's 5MP camera will allow them to click pictures at any place, helping them to upload photos on social networking sites as well as capture beautiful memories.

This is not all. Apple has designed incredible covers for the miniature with colors like pink, blue, green, red and grey which look perfectly stylish and girly. It seems as if the covers are made for the iPad mini and iPad mini is, vice versa, made for the covers. Their seamless appearance and magnet mechanism put them all together, protecting the Mini's screen. Open it and the mini device will wake up, close the cover and mini sleeps. Moreover, flapping it backside can make it act like a stand. Having such good functionality, the colorful covers add a little more charm to your sleek little iPad mini.

The device was highly rumored since February and tech freaks were eagerly waiting for its launch. But is the device up to the expectations of technology freaks having a charm they have acclaimed (highly praised). "The Whole Package, In a Smaller Package" device has been launched, and finally the shipping will start from November 2nd. With its features and functions almost equivalent to standard iPad, cost of the device is not as small as its appearance. Though it has now entered into the small tablets market, it is more costly than the other small tablets available in market and will cost around $329 for base version.

Women look for products which are reliable and at the same time cost efficient. Likewise, the tech giant may face aggravations in stealing customers from other competitors. Its slim and light appearance will by far attract customers largely, but its exact market status cannot be predicted due to its almost similar features to standard iPad and even the cost.