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Saturday, Apr 19th

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What About Women Working on Cars

What About Women Working on Cars

There was once a time, some refer to it the “good old days”, when women were not supposed to know everything about cars apart from ways to drive them, knowing that was subject to opinion.

In those good days of the past, a woman was believed much less than a woman if she knows ways to, or tried to, change her oil, execute a tune up, or perhaps change a tire by herself car. The only understanding women had about car maintenance was how you put it on her credit card.

Next came the time of the revolution exactly where women demanded to understand tips on how to do everything a man knew tips on how to do, including fix vehicles. You did start to see women focusing on their vehicles within the driveway, changing fuel pumps, fixing their brakes, and keeping their bank card in their wallets aside from on the parts store. You even had women working in the parts shops.

Shortly after the sexual revolution came the technical revolution. Now cars are filled with computers and electronic parts that the men don’t provoke for trying to fix of their driveways. Now the men need to use their credit card with the repair center rather than the various components store simply because almost everything needs to be positioned on a diagnostics machine or needs a computer chip. The days of women working on their own cars came and went in a flash and it truly is sorely missed by several women.

Women who appreciate working on cars now either need to head to school to understand ways to be an car mechanic and attempt to obtain work in a mechanic, a lot of of which are run by beneficial old boys from your good past who does never take into account employing a woman no matter her qualifications, or she's got to buy old vehicles that predate computers. And that's what many women are doing.

Should you be women and you will need an activity, and you also don’t mind just a little amount of grease, it is a lot of grease, through your nails, takes place charge card to buy automobile car parts and accessories. For anyone who is a woman who enjoys puzzles or crafts, you may discover which you delight in the craft of car body work or even the puzzle of rebuilding a train engine.