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Thursday, Apr 24th

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Ladies, Lets learn how to change a tire!

Ladies, Let's learn how to change a tyre!

You are driving to a nearby city for a business meeting and, in the middle of nowhere and to your horror; the tire of your car has gone flat.

You decide to call for help, but your cell phone battery is dead.

And to worsen the situation you’re clueless about how to change a car tire! This situation is a nightmare for women drivers and can happen to anyone, anytime. To avert such situations, it’s better to have at least the basic knowledge of changing the tires. So ladies, lets learn how to change a tire!

Choose a safe spot

  • Pull your car off the road, so that you are away from the traffic flow. Switch on the emergency flashershoose a stable and level surface as it is dangerous to jack a car on the soft grounds and inclines.
  • Apply the parking brakes and if possible place a heavy stone in front of the front tire, if you want to change the back tire or vice-versa.

Loosen the nuts

  • Remove the hubcap. (Some cars won’t have hubcaps)
  • Loosen the wheel nuts with the help of socket wrench. Remember do not remove the nuts, only loosen them.
  • The wheel nuts are pretty difficult to loosen. So if you find it difficult, jump on the wrench to loosen it.

Jack up the car

  • Place the jack under the car, near the flat tire and raise it until the jack contacts the frame. If you cannot find the exact positioning of the jack, read the owner’s manual.
  • Jack the car up to at least 6 inches above the ground or till the car is lifted high enough to change the tire.

Remove the nuts

  • Remove the wheel nuts completely with help of the socket wrench.

Remove the flat tire

  • To remove the wheel, pull it straight towards you and off the car.
  • For precaution place the wheel under the car as it will prevent any injury if your jack accidentally falls off.

Replace with spare wheel

  • Place the spare tire properly in front of the wheel.
  • Align the wheel bolts with the rim of spare tire and put on the wheel nuts.
  • Tighten the nuts with the help of the wrench (but not too tight). Also, tighten the nuts in star pattern, one nut across the other.

Lower the car

  • Lower the car with the help of the jack, until all the four tires are firmly on the ground.
  • Tighten all the nuts properly now and replace the hubcup.

Put the flat tire and tools away

  • Place the flat tire where the spare tire was located.
  • Also the put the jack and wrench from where you had removed them.
  • And last, do not forget to take your flat tire to a mechanic