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Wednesday, Apr 23rd

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You are here: Money Insurance Why Should Single Woman Own a Life Insurance? 

Why Should Single Woman Own a Life Insurance? 

Why Should Single Woman Own a Life Insurance

Women are sisters, mothers, daughters and friends. They play an essential part in the society, and are at times the sole caregiver of kids. If you’re a woman, there is no doubt that you will need to leave something behind for the ones you love when you are gone.

The first thing you might do is to obtain a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy will reimburse money out to your precise beneficiaries upon your death. Some policies will also pay out an assured sum instantly after your death to cover the cost of your memorial service. This all depends on the amount of your coverage. There is no measure to resolve the value of peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones and kids will have monetary security.

In addition to the monetary payout when you pass away, you can also have extra coverage if anything untoward happen to you. This includes functional impairment cover and disability cover. How much they reimburse depends on how much you can pay for monthly. This additional coverage may be a genuine liberation for you; if you’re a single mother or mother of kids, as you will be able to rest assured knowing that you will be monetarily sound.

With the life insurance for women, there is another advantage to the policy. This is the monetary cover and payout alternative obtainable to if you are afflicted by any female specific syndrome, like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, rape, pregnancy complications and even babyhood cancer. There’s even an additional baby bonus with some life insurance firms, where you will be paid out an assured amount of money on the birth of your kid. This assists with buying those extras that are required when your baby is born