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Thursday, Apr 24th

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Laptop Insurance for working women

Laptop Insurance for working women

As business women, you store all your confidential information in your laptop. You need a laptop insurance to protect your personal computer from damage, loss or theft. If someone steals your laptop, half of your life is suddenly in the hands of a stranger. Unfortunately, laptop insurance can't compensate you for your work, but it can assure you for the financial loss you would suffer if such an incident occurs.

Covering your laptop insurance:

Claims Notification and Requirements: This section covers the rules set by your laptop insurance company as how you should notify them if you need a claim. Don't assume that you have to just make a phone call to your insurance company and that's it. You have to follow the rules covered in the conditions of your policy. Rules may state that you should notify the laptop insurance by making a call along with sending them mail with a detailed summary of the event.

Claims Settlement: In this section, you will find the details of how your Insurance Company will go about settling your claim. Don't assume that if something happens to your laptop, you can get it repaired and just send the repairing bill to the insurance company. It will not work.

Alteration of Working Conditions: When you have laptop insurance, it is insured as being in working condition. That is the reason why often you can't get coverage for used laptops. If you find anything wrong with the laptop, for example some faulty components that do not work well, you must report it to the company. This is just an example. Read this section of your insurance policy carefully.

Salvage: If because of some reason, your laptop has to be replaced, let’s say you lost it. So the insurance company replaces the laptop for you. Later, if you found the original laptop, you don't have any right to keep it with you. This must be returned to laptop insurance company, it's now their property.

Right of Inspection: This area tells you that your laptop insurance company has the right to ask you to produce your laptop for the inspection at any time. If it is found improperly handled, or in poor working condition, this will become evident in their inspection. It can then affect your insurance policy.