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Wednesday, Apr 16th

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Making life easier with credit cards!

Making life easier with credit cards!

Credit cards have become an important part of every business women. There are many ways in which the credit cards make life easier. It allows to reserve plane tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars etc. And, of course, they help us to improve our credit scores to open the door for larger purchases like automobiles and homes.

In addition, credit cards help in many other ways that most of the card holders don't know. Here are some ways credit cards make life easier.

Rental Car Insurance: Do a research, while you rent a car next time. Your card can offer insurance and negate the need of purchasing insurance at rental counter. Make a call to your credit card services to find out whether your card offers this facility. Most of the American Express and Visa cards do.

Returning Items: There comes a situation when you need to return some items to the grocery store? when you find that the list is gone long. Stores don't refund your purchases if you don't have a proof that the item was purchased from their store. If you pay your bill by using a credit card, you just have to show your credit card statement to the retailers. As the statement is in print, you can return the item without any hustle.

Warranties: If you have a World Visa card or American Express, you don’t have to bother for extended warranties at any store. If you pay the merchandise using your credit card, you might extend the item's warranty for free to a maximum of one year. It is a great way to save some amount of money.

Theft and Damage: If you used your credit card to buy some item and that has been stolen or damaged, your card might offer you coverage above and beyond the payment from your insurance company. Document your purchase, dates and descriptions of the incident. You could get up to $500 or even $10,000 or more if you have a MasterCard Platinum or Gold.

Many people complaint that the credit cards take them into debt. But the fact is, they get themselves into debt by not using the credit card responsibly. Try to know the benefits that your credit card offers and take their advantage.