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Saturday, Apr 19th

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Pregnancy and working mother

	Pregnancy and working mother

When you are pregnant at work your employer must protect and care for your safety and health and may have the right to spend time for antenatal care.

You should also protect against cruel treatment. Working women really find it difficult after being pregnant. Lot of responsibilities and burdens women has to fulfill needs professional and personal work. Plan everything accurately and carefully because becoming pregnant is not a career failure. Just need to know few benefits when you are pregnant.

Working mother can work throughout her pregnancy.

If you are a strong woman having a pregnancy normal and must work in a clean and safe environment and may be able to work continue till your delivery day comes close. Nearly the end of your pregnancy you may collapse more easily, so hold it as simple as possible because you are employee and you also have rights to say something about yourself. Don’t be a sufferer if you can allow beginning your maternity take a leave for a week or two week before your maternity date. Recognize your time to rest, prepare and nourish yourself a little more, maybe it’s your final time you have for yourself.

Keep the employer in circle or loop
Maternity advantages are available to all working women. Maternity advantages are applicable for those women who have worked in the institution for minimum 80 days as depending on the law of country. For taking benefits and maternity leave you should write an approved letter to the respective office. This letter must include how many years you work for the particular company, the beginning and ending dates of your leave and assumed due date. Submission date of the notice submitted to the company will count on the company policy. If by default you fail to give a written notice then also you are authorize to all benefits offered by your company.

Preventing injustice
A working woman cannot be terminated from the maintenance of the company for being pregnant. May be the institution ask you to delicate your submission. Keep in mind that no company can remove you from your service when you are on the ground of pregnancy. And also you are not applicable to discharge while you are on maternity holidays. Employer cannot modify or change your regular conditions without your permission during the pregnancy period.

If you are discharge from current work for any reason to your pregnancy, you can also case a file in the labor or industrial court under the act of maternity benefits. Court will apply right action against your corporation. Additionally your company also jailed for completely three months.

Remember one thing that your company cannot change your conditions and terms while you are pregnant without your permission. If they try to do such thing they will be in rent of contract.