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Saturday, Apr 19th

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Get peaceful sleep during pregnancy

	Get peaceful sleep during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting and wonderful time for women but in night excitement doesn’t take place because of the limited sleeping position, having to get up each time and due to lack of ability to get comfortable during pregnancy. Just like a less comfortable and more challenges. Pregnancy is really a hard work and will need sleep. So follow the few tips for best sleep in night during pregnancy.

Select the right and accurate position to sleep during pregnancy.
After a definite point you can’t sleep on your stomach. Doctors don’t advice you to sleep on your back, because to avoid the force on your intestines and on your blood vessels. Lying on back reduces circulation, blood pressure lower and affects your breathing. It also tends to hemorrhoids and back pain. So the good option is to sleep on your left side because sleeping on left position will increase blood flow to the lamina and the baby.

Sleep-friendly diet
Especially food like fatty, spicy or acidic is not supported food while sleeping during pregnancy. To avoid constipation, upset stomach or heartburn in the middle night, avoid eating within two hours of going to bed. Try to prop yourself up with pillow to sleep in a partially recline position. Remove caffeine completely from your regular diet or limit your drinking or eating for several hours before the time of sleeping. Also try to drink some warm cup of milk or caffeine herbal free tea before going to sleep to relax you. Few women find that fetal vitamins create them to feel disgusting if this happens then decide to sleep and take them in day time.

Make use of pillow
If you feel tough and in-comfortable, then surely place pillows that can make you simple, easier and comfortable. Several women find that body pillow for pregnancy offers you best support, allow you for best night sleep and with better comfort. Try to bend your knees and use pillow for support and to feel comfort. A pregnancy lodge can support either your stomach or back.

Exercise Early
Exercise is best for your pregnancy as well as for better sleep. Each day perform regular exercise that can help you for better sleep at night. Early morning is the best way to do exercise. Exercise keeps you healthy all the time.

Follow the regular routine
Keep schedule for sleeping and rising at the same time every day, even on holidays or weekends. While one or two cat naps during the day time can really improve your sleep during pregnancy, it avoids becoming overtired and always keeps you relaxed.

You should include few forms of relaxation in your regular day and mostly as a part of your bedtime routine. Yoga is best form of relaxation and exercise, just follow the prenatal routine. You can surely relax before going to sleep by performing meditation, a hot bath and exercise or even by reading books and magazines. It can help you to forget your worries and stresses of the day and allows you to sleep better at night.