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Monday, Apr 21st

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A Survey Shows that Woman in Labor are Left Alone

A Survey Shows that Woman in Labor are Left Alone

One among the five mothers in labor is left alone and a third of them don't have the similar midwife in charge during their pregnancy, though health ministers have pledged to bring improvement in the maternity services, according to new survey. The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) in UK has given a warning bell that around 120,000 women aren't supported at the emergency of their labor.

In May 2012, ministers had made promises to the new mothers that there would be a midwife with every pregnant woman who would supervise their antenatal care, they can choose about how and where they have babies and a talk with a midwife during labor and birth. According to the campaigners, from a survey by the Bounty Parenting Club and Royal College of Midwives, more than 1,800 women who recently gave birth or were pregnant in England, has shown a 'serious shortfall'. Around one fifth of women said that they were not allowed to choose on how and where they should give birth to their babies. Approximately 18% said that they were left alone during their labor and birth. While around half of the pregnant women said they would love to spend some more time with their midwives.

Ministers had additionally promised that those women suffering from miscarriage, after death or stillbirth of their baby would receive better NHS services. But around one third of women said that they were left unsupported when they gave birth to a baby. According to RCM, though government has made some progress, there is lot that needs to be done on maternity services.

The RCM also tells that around 64% pregnant women weren't allowed to give birth in the midwives-led unit on which a doctor stated that there were very less midwives in NHS. The college additionally found that there were inadequate childbirth facilities to give women the alternative to choose between giving birth at home or in a mid-wife unit which might be at a hospital or at a long distance or an obstetric unit in a hospital.

Shadow health minister,Andrew Gwynne claimed that as ministers has destabilized and distracted it with their radical service shake-up in England, NHS was unable to offer the pledges of ministers and government on maternity services.

But the NHS minister, Simon Burns has promised to make progress in the maternity services so that pregnant women get all the essential facilities during labor and after giving birth to a baby.