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Thursday, Apr 24th

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Taking care of your child's health

	Taking care of your child's health

Children of all ages should learn everything about their health. It's essential for parents to teach their children about healthy habits and their importance.

Here are few health care tips for kids which can help to keep your child fit and healthy.

Healthy breakfast

Serve your kids with a healthy breakfast. Lack of calcium may cause to weakness in sleep disorders, knees or even in bones. A protein - rich food which includes chicken and eggs they help in growth of muscles. Since, the protein consumption must be in right amount because over consumption of protein may cause to the kidney problems. Iron- rich foods must be in your child’s diet as it is the essential part of blood which includes all green vegetables. Lack of iron tends to anemia which may cause illness or several health problems which is usually common among kids.

Try to avoid sodas and soft drinks

It is better to avoid sodas and soft drinks for children as they contain small amount of caffeine and it may be harmful to kids.

Activities and exercises

Perform regular exercise and outdoor activities that will help to keep your child’s body healthy and at the same time it decreases the risk of obesity. Exercise and outdoor activities are important as they help to keep them healthy and perfect.

Best hygiene

Kids must learn and understand the healthy food habits and good hygiene. The cleanliness includes washing hands with soap after coming from outside, before and after a meal, keep away from touching the public restrooms and make use of antiseptic after using the public restrooms.

Proper night sleep

Kids must have at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep daily because lack of sleep causes irritability, disorientation and lethargy in kids which cause them lacking behind in their performance.