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Thursday, Apr 24th

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Parenting Guidelines for Stressed Kids

Parenting Guidelines for Stressed Kids

We like to think of childhood as a happy time, without any worries. After all, children are delightfully free from any kind of problems that keep us awake at night as a working adults, invoices, and so as the kids! But stress is a part of life, no matter how old a person is. Even children experience pressure. What is challenging or distressing to a child doesn't unavoidably upset another, but all children are susceptible to stress.

Excessive pressure in an adolescent can lead to regressive or unusual activities. If left unattended, or if the child is unable to cope with their emotional, mental and physical well being risks. Research shows that chronic stress can damage the body, lowered immunity and make way for diseases ranging from colds to heart disease.

So if your child has one or more of the following symptoms, they may be under tension:

  1. Unusual attachment and separation anxiety
  2. Tantrums increasingly often, rage or aggressive behavior like hitting
  3. Regressive behaviors such as thumb sucking or wetting pants
  4. Eating or sleeping disorders
  5. Increased irritability or outbursts of crying
  6. A drop in confidence that they will not try anything new

It is up to us to watch for these signs, identify the source of stress and be able to help our children to deal with it.