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Thursday, Apr 17th

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Having fun with your children after work

Having fun with your children after work

The largest problem a working mother faces is how to spend more quality time with her kids and even find the time to rest after hard work days.

Every women and every kid is different; so, it is required to try before the perfect activity takes place, but with some flexibility and determination, it is possible for both to enjoy with each other.

Cook together

Kitchen may be interesting place for young children. Young children are basically interested with the miraculous art of cooking. Kids watch what you are working and they help you in small things like setting the table, or normally want to use the mixer for stirring and would like to get their hands in sticky bread. Children follow easy ways to get involved in cooking food and creating a lovely meal together. The only thing is to make sure that keep children away from the hot oven and the knives. For kids, is just a fun to make meal and they really enjoy a lot in the kitchen place.

Exercise together

Exercise is beneficial for everyone. Take your children for cycling, hiking or jogging in the open air. If there is no open and safe place to play with your child then just look for yoga classes for child and mother. Exercising with kids offers parents a best opportunity which constructs a better sense of companionship, friendship or spending valuable time with your kids.

Discover nature

Explain and teach your children to enjoy with nature. Take them for walking on the beach and look for small crabs or seashells. Try going for a trip or even on the desert safari. Show them how to identify the local animals, plants and birds. Also try for the study of planets and stars other than the earth and learn the objectives together.

Craft together

Several children like to make various things by their own. There are many crafts that may be enjoyed with children like knitting, Paper mach, clay modeling, constructing model of ships or airplanes, crown for kids, teddy bags, decorative draw string bags, wood crafts, flowers bag, pots and various attractive and decorative crafts. The best thing is that at last you will have something special which you have created with your child that you can keep forever and ever. And this gift of togetherness will be the best memorial gift for you as well as your kid.

Visit Museums

There are various cities having local museums or historical sites. Though museum tends old or boring to you but your child may find it very interesting and attractive. But be ready to explain each and everything and answer lot of questions.

Read Together

Always read with children. If your kids love to read, you can offer them special reading story books and afterward discuss with them. If your kids cannot read properly, then ask them to tell you the fairy tale in their own words, due to which they may shock you with the most entertaining and amazing act.

Anything you decide to do with your kid, do slowly and purposely.