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Wednesday, Apr 16th

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Tips to keep your baby's skin healthy

	Tips to keep your baby's skin healthy

Becoming parent is the happiest day in everyone's life. When you hold your baby for first time in your arms, a responsive flood takes place which will never come again. A new born member takes special place in your family and promotes you from husband-wife to father and mother respectively. So, you should take care of your baby and it requires special attention like care, cleanliness, hygiene conditions and many more, because now it’s your responsibility to bring all happiness in baby’s life.

Proper care of baby's skin is very important because baby's skin is very soft and sensitive. Because sweat glands are not developed fully, the baby skin is more sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. Baby skin is also prone to infection because the safety system against bacteria has not fully established.

Protect your baby from skin problem
Sometimes, in baby’s skin the yeast infection grows up, which is the type of candida fungus that causes a diaper rash, known as dermatitis. By keeping the baby skin dry, you can avoid a rash. If rash does not improve for few days you must consult your baby’s doctor. Doctor may recommend you a simple cream to destroy the fungus. When the climate is hot, baby's skin may be irritated by the heat. Rash looks like small red bumps in area that are wet with perspiration. Keep baby in a cool and comfortable room which is the best way of treating or preventing diaper rash. Another problem occurs in the skin conditions like acne, eczema, allergies, dermatitis and many more, so always consult your doctor for better treatment.

Protect baby from sun Baby in the first year of life should not be exposed to radiations. Make use of hats, sunglasses and clothes for the better means of protection against UVA rays. One can also provide the sunscreen for baby skin regularly.

Use baby oil In bad weather especially during cold, it is suitable to apply eucalyptus oil heaters balm for babies. The fragrance of perfumed oil protects the skin from dehydration. If your baby has a rash, be careful when applying the oil.

Massage You can do massage for skin care and general health of baby. You may use olive oil any essential oil which does not harm the baby and can trigger asthma.