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Wednesday, Apr 23rd

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Soothing your crying baby

	Soothing your crying baby

Crying is only means for baby to communicate, but it is heart breaking for parents. Because they worry about their babies. Usually, parents take care of their baby's needs and keep attention whenever he cries for serious problem. If baby cries a lot then check whether he is hungry, needs changing or is in trouble for something. Here are few tips to sooth your crying baby.

Hold your baby
Several times babies cry because they just miss you though you are in the same room. Hold them in your arms near to your chest your voice will promise them that you are not leaving them alone.

Change in surrounding
Most of the time, your baby cries because he is simply bored of playing at the same place continuously and may be bugged with similar person every day. Use baby carrier or hold him in your arms and take for a walk. Meeting a new person and change in environment can also help him stop crying.

Feed your baby
Hunger is also the main reason when baby seems to cry. When baby needs food or water, he starts crying, because crying is only the way of communication for baby.

Talk to your baby

Talk to your baby even though they can’t understand anything, but two three month old baby understands that you are caring and always with them.

Switch on the music
Switching on music or light also soothes the baby. Don’t make use of ear phones for your baby as they can damage the ears of your baby.

Lastly, keep in mind that baby cries, but if you have assumed that something is going wrong, you should immediately call your baby's doctor.