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Thursday, Apr 24th

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You are here: Parenting Babies Is your house safe for your baby?

Is your house safe for your baby?

	Is your house safe for your baby?

When a child begins to move, he tries to explore every corner of the house. So, parents need to be careful and must keep an eye to make sure that baby remains out of danger. Drawer and cupboard
Cupboard and drawer latches are necessary to keep your baby's fingers safe from sharp things such as breakables like glassware and crockery or knives. Keep these things away from baby and lock all the available tools which can be locked.

Never leave your baby alone on a sofa, bed or chair even for a single minute.

While bathing your baby, fill the baby tub with water to cover his legs when he is sitting in the tub, but always check the temperature of bath water with your hand before bathing your baby. Never leave alone your baby when he is in the bath tub.

Protect your child from playing with small things like marbles which is enough small for baby to swallow easily. It can be dangerous for them. Make sure that baby’s toy should be clean, safe and unbroken. Remove all baby toys, when he is sleeping in the crib.

Baby should sleep in firm surfaces or in cribs; never put them down to sleep on cushion, pillow, bed or in bean bag chair. Avoid such ways of sleeping because your baby may irritate or sometimes may suffocate.

Make a smoke free house. Smokers must smoke outside and should wash their hands and face very cleanly and change their clothes before taking or carrying your baby. Remember that newborn baby and young kids are very sensitive to illness.