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Thursday, Apr 24th

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Getting Ready For Your New Baby

Baby care know how for working mommys

New parents are obviously very energized and glad to welcome the most awaited gift they have longed for - the birth of their precious baby. However, to have a new born baby is very challenging and parents may feel mixed emotions of fear and concern being new to this field. This at times can’t be understood and can never be explained.

When a baby is delivered from the womb of the mother, his/her manifestation might look bluish and it is typically bathed with whitish stuff and blood which is somehow startling because the baby looks very delicate and fragile.

The first attention that the new parents want to do with the newly born baby is to see and hold her or him. Nevertheless, with this nervous and uneasy feeling, mostly, new parents have a hard time doing it, which on the divergent; many folks would believe that this might affect the bonding relationship, behavior and health of the baby.

The way of breathing of the new born babies is very diverse and atypical as well as their sleeping timetable. Usually, new born babies expend too much time on sleeping.
Do not be staggered that there is a state that babies stop breathing for ten seconds. This is completely normal and must not be afraid of. In medical term, this is called “periodic breathing."

Seeing the umbilical cord after it is cut could be also frightening. This is not to be concerned too much because this will ultimately heal. Just ignore touching it with your bare hands to avert from causing infection.