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Wednesday, Apr 16th

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Yoga can help Women to Fight Breast Cancer

Yoga can help Women to Fight Breast Cancer

Currently, the number of breast cancer patients is increasing day-by-day, most of the times leading to death. Women suffering from breast cancer find it hard to return to their normal lifestyle even after following treatments. But today, women are finding new ways to opt for their previous lifestyle through yoga. Yoga has always been a remedy for array of diseases and now it has been found that yoga also helps to live a normal lifestyle after complete treatment of breast cancer.

Today, the situation is such that women require to earn independently in order to fulfill their as well as family's needs. In their busy life, women don't find sufficient time to look after health and this leads to such hazardous disease. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, women go through psychological stress and most of them even think that it's an end to their life but that's not true. Medical science is currently researching on the remedy of breast cancer and if detected at initial stage, it can be cured with treatments.

There are women who have undergone treatments and got cured from cancer and now are finding a way to return to their normal life. After battling cancer with painful diagnosis, it's mentally quite difficult to live a normal life. But scientists and doctors have found that yoga is the best way which provides a way of normal and easy life to those who have treated cancer successfully. Yoga consists of breathing exercises as well as meditation which helps to relax and attain peace of mind. There are many health clubs which run yoga classes for such patients and have helped them to retain a normal and healthy lifestyle as earlier.

Debra Livingston who has endured seven surgeries to treat her breast cancer has found that yoga has brought miracles to her life. She remembers her first time of attending the yoga class when she couldn't even hold a rubber band and put it over her head. She continued the yoga classes for years in the same manner and regained her motion with patience and care. Significantly she also gained confidence and grew strong mentally which took her back to normal lifestyle and completely diagnosed cancer. Kristi Evans, a cancer survivor, explains that she continued exercising for most days of a week and maintained a healthy diet. She further says that yoga

A yoga instructor, Ronald Dela Cruz has been helping the cancer patients and now he has started his journey of 50 days around the world to create awareness about breast cancer and also raise money for National Breast Cancer Foundation. Another yoga instructor of Boulder,Kupperman who herself has recovered from breast cancer and runs yoga classes, Kick Breast Cancer's Ass-ana, is also trying to help women to regain mental and emotional strength. Her yoga classes are completely different from the traditional ones as she practices yoga exercises which are comfortable to be followed by her students.

Yoga once regarded as a routine exercise has now gained significance by helping cancer survivors to regain their physiological strength. Breast cancer patients should join the yoga classes which will not only help them live a happy life but also give an opportunity to create awareness about yoga for other patients.