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Wednesday, Apr 23rd

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Women who quit smoking save 10 years of life

Women who quit smoking

Smoking cuts down 10 years of life of women, says a recent study carried out by researchers of Britain. Women can add up to 10 years of age to their life if they quit smoking before theirs 40s. Women born in 1940s were probably the first generation of smokers both in Britain as well as United States. The report states that around one third of the women in 50s, 60s and 70s mostly die due to smoking related issues such as lung cancer, heart diseases, stokes and chronic lung cancer.

For the study, more than 1 million women were recruited in UK since 1996-2001 and were resurveyed periodically after 3 and 8 years. At initial stage, it was found that 20% of the women were present smokers, 28% were ex-smokers and 56% of them had never smoked. Initially, they were asked whether they were current or ex-smokers and if current smokers then how many cigarettes they presently smoked a day. The participants who were ex-smokers at entry level and during the 3-year resurvey as well as those who had stopped smoking before 55 years of age were re-categorized according to the age they stopped smoking. Surveyors used Cox regression models were used to obtain relative risks which compared categories of smokers or ex-smokers with never smokers.

The survey, after studying the daily lifestyle, social relations and health issues of those women, concluded that habitual smokers lose around 10 years of age. Drawbacks of smoking till age of 40 are substantial and additionally, if continued after 40 years of age, may be 10 times more hazardous. As a result, stopping before 40 is beneficial which avoids excess mortality by more than 90%. Moreover, stopping before 30 can avoid around 97% of the mortality, according to the study. Researchers also found that women smokers when surveyed post 3 years were 3 times likely to non-smokers, thus extending their life expectancy, similar to the non-smokers.

It is the 21st century when smoking is trending in young generation and children in their teenage adopt the habit. Women as well have adopted the habit smoking packets a day and if similar habit carried on life-long, they would be losing 10-11 years of their life and would have higher mortality rate.