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Thursday, Apr 24th

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Jogging Training - Nutrition Tips for Women Joggers

FJogging Training - Nutrition Tips for Women Joggers

To get the proper nutrition, your body needs for jogging, there are a few things that affect women more than men. This is because of the fact that women lean to pay a lot more awareness to their weight than men do, and not essentially for all the correct reasons.

First, make sure you get sufficient iron in your diet. Iron is vital for transporting oxygen throughout the bloodstream, also for providing a key component of muscle tissue. It is easier for women to become anemic (i.e., they have iron deficiency) due to their periods. If you do not eat red meat, be sure when you get iron from food such as green vegetables, dried fruits and beans.

Avoid drinking tea or coffee with meals, as these obstruct with iron absorption. Watch for symptoms of anemia, including fatigue, palpitations, dizziness, dry mouth, sores in the corners of the lips and brittle hair. Your physician can easily test the iron deficiency. If it necessary to take a dietary supplement to keep your iron levels.

Secondly, you should make sure you have enough calcium. This is important for strong bones and prevent osteoporosis, but also can help decrease high blood pressure. Dairy products are a good source of calcium, eat dairy products unless it is fortified with calcium buy options (for example, you can purchase calcium-fortified mineral water, soy milk and orange juice).

Third, some corridors women do not eat enough fat. You need a few fats in your diet, especially to ensure you have healthy skin and hairs. Remember that some fats are best for you - try to enhance your eating of monounsaturated fats (e.g. nuts and olive oil) and essential fatty acids (e.g., seeds and oily fish), avoiding saturated fats (mainly from animal products).