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Thursday, Apr 24th

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Ideal diet for Single Working Women

Ideal diet for Single Working Women

Usually single working women develop and get into the bad eating habits. The issue that you take on the easy note comes on a flare when you have missed the correct nutrition that was essential for your health remains but you often neglect them in hurry or in the burden of work.

But here is when your body has to struggle. Correct balanced nutrients are the key ingredients to run your body well and in the proper way. Being single, makes you neglect yourself and makes you fall in the diet busting habits. You can still overcome this.

Here are few simple and healthy meals for single women so that you can fall in healthy eating options that fit well even in your on-the-go lifestyle.

  • Develop your temptation for easy making meals that you can prepare in no time. Try Crescent Roll Wrap Ups; this is a nutritious and hearty diet meal. Wrap the meat of your choice in a reduced fat crescent meat instead of the two breads. You can make it tangier by adding little cheese, mushrooms and onions to make your wrap more delicious. Now bake your wraps until they are brown and crumbling and enjoy the delicious crescent wrap roll. You can enjoy it more with mustard or any low-fat dip
  • Italian cuisine is always welcomed as it is simple and food that doesn’t wreck your diet plans. One of the simplest and easy making meals here can be the veg. pasta. You can add vegetables according to your choice like mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli or the bell peppers. The steps are easy to follow, slice all the vegetables and put them in a sauté pan. Add 2 tablespoon of the reduced-fat Italian dressing and sauté the vegetable until they become soft and tender. Now add the cooked pasta of your choice and cook on medium flame. Serve it hot and enjoy the tangy pasta that is healthy as well as tasty.
  • Another cuisine that tickles your taste buds is Chinese. You can still enjoy this Chinese cuisine without a trip to any Chinese restaurant. Make a chicken stir fry at home that is both easy and healthy. The best part to make Chinese at home is that it has the sauces that have low sodium and are low-cal. Now, select a lean meat and collection of the vegetables to make the stir fry. In a sauté pan, cook your meat with very little amount of oil so that sticking is avoided. Drain off the fat from the meat and then add all the vegetables. Cook them until they become tender and add the sauces. Mix all evenly and cook them on the low-heat flame. Serve it plain or with rice.

Making simple and healthy meal is not hard. You need little of efforts and creation in your fast life to be fit even if you are single working women.