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Thursday, Apr 24th

Last update09:35:25 AM GMT

You are here: Lifestyle Food and Nutrition Coca-Cola to launch new beauty drinks partnering with Sanofi

Coca-Cola to launch new beauty drinks partnering with Sanofi

Coca-Cola to launch new beauty drinks

Sanofi, the French multinational pharmaceutical company, and Coca-Cola are partnering together to manufacture new beauty drinks. Named as Beautific Oenobiol, these new beauty drinks would be beneficial for skin as well as hair health. According to the sources, the drinks are to be launched in France this autumn and would be soon entering other European nations as well. Moreover, the sources also statAlong with beautification, the drinks will also aid health, thereby enhancing internal glow.

As of the report, Coco-Cola declined to comment on the product launch, though anticipations are that it would be launching the product in fewer French pharmaceuticals initially. Considering the growing concerns regarding its sugar-packed drinks across the world, apparently the company has taken the decision of expand in beauty drinks. Coca-Cola launched Sprite with stevia, which is a natural sweetener with zero calories, earlier this year. This would perhaps help in clearing out the concerns aroused due to its sugary drinks in mother country as well as overseas. Diversifying its production options in such a fashion, the company has now planned to expand its footprint in beauty drinks section partnering with Sanofi.

The company is facing troubles in European market as no significant growth is noticed in sales volume of the company in Europe. Amid this crisis, the two companies decided to announce their beauty drinks thus, hoping that the market status might change. Regardless European economic crisis, Coke experienced sales volume rise by 1% in Europe and is still struggling to up-grade its sales volume in the continent. Like Coca-Cola, Sanofi is also recovering from its monetary crisis, which manufactures skin and hair care nutritional supplements since 2004. The company bought Laboratoire Oenobiol in 2009, and is now implementing it into drinks partnering with Coca-Cola.

According to the report, chief ingredients of the soft drink would be mineral water, nutritional elements with larger proportion and fruit juices. All these elements would help in building good skin as well as hair health where the drinks would be launched with a claim that they will help strengthen hair and nails, improve vitality as well as help lose weight. The soft drink giant probably has lots of hopes from the new beauty drink which can upgrade the sales volumes of the company in European nations.