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Thursday, Apr 24th

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Make-up tips to stand out in the office

Make-up tips to stand out in the office

Makeup helps in lifting your face and covers your facial features in a beautiful way. Our personality in office is judged on the accordance of our looks and why not, as we live in a visual world where we are judged through our appearances. We admire a perfectly made up face and many women try it to be light and little.

  • Here are few tips that you can try to have that little make up on your face.
  • First impression is the last impression hence you should dress well. Choose the perfect outfit that goes well around your body. Good and elegant dresses decides your personality hence always be well dressed.
  • When you are starting up with the makeup, first apply the base or foundation to make your skin texture even. If you will be giving a presentation under the bright light then apply the moisturizer first and then the base. Here you can choose a color that should mimic your skin tone. That will also give your skin a natural and healthy look
  • Keep the area between the eyebrows clean and maintain the eyebrows in good shape. That also makes your face look smart.
  • Try to put little mascara and if you are switching to any eye makeup then try doing that really light. Makeup for office should never be loud as it steals your professional look hence you need to maintain the balance.
  • On your lips try light shades like cream, coral, caramel, brown, or the ones that goes along the color of your outfit. Always remember dark lip colors might not address good shade of your professional style. Use lipsticks that are water proof and long lasting such that they leave their reflection for long.
  • For the final touch apply little rouge over your cheeks, chin and forehead. This tone should correspond to the shadows you are using. Use the perfumes that have the fresh, unobtrusive and light scent.

Appearance matters a lot in today’s visual world. Hence try these measures to look elegant and well formed with makeup in office.