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Sunday, Apr 20th

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Latest Fashion Trends for Short Women

Latest Fashion Trends for Short Women

Petite curvy women certainly want to elongate their body with their clothing fashion for minimizing the volume. This is the common rule for women with this type of figure. So as to cover the faults of a figure that does not belong to a tall, thin type model, you required to follow some vital tricks. You should also avoid the use of fabric attires around your waist. It already has a fine amount of volume in this part as well as the final thing you require to adding some extra.

A fake myth is the thought that very long skirts accumulate your legs look long. Loose skirts compose your legs look smaller. Long skirts can make you appear taller if they go to the ankle point as well as if they are in a straight line. A fine trick to stretch your legs is straight pants to cover your shoes. This will certainly add some extra inches on your legs. Combinations of colors are acceptable for petite women, but remember it is the monochromatic attires which make you look slimmer and taller. Avoid wearing thick fabric clothes as it adds additional weight to your body.

The finest trick to elongate your figure is the utilization of vertical lines attractive clothing. However keep in brain to not to overdo it on the end result it will look such as a zebra. Then use a pair of jeans which have an upright line at the seams as well as it will generate the false impression of a taller person. Simply one or two lines are sufficient to create this false impression.