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Saturday, Apr 19th

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Autumn/Winter Dressing Tips for Corporate Women

Autumn-Winter Dressing Tips

Winter may be one of the toughest seasons that most of the fashionable corporate women face during the year. Unfortunately, not everything which is decent and trendy is going to be worth wearing for working women during winter. But thankfully, there are several alternatives available for woman who wants to be warm and stylish at same time. A business woman can shop for several fashion clothing catalogues available in the market from where she can choose an outfit that suits her style. With options available from sweaters, skirts and slacks to trendy suits as well as business casuals, today's business women don't need to wear dreary or dull clothing only because it is winter or cold outside. Here are some dressing tips for corporate women during winter -

  • Whether you are opting for business casual or polished professional look, there are some winter essentials you must have in your wardrobe. A wool-lined suit with slack or skirt can definitely keep you warm during commute to office or work place. One can wear a matching colored blouse as a top to enhance the look.
  • If it is not mandatory to wear suit during the work then sweaters can act both stylish and warm that can be dressed with a skirt or pair of chinos.
  • Search for tailored but woolen coat of knee-length or longer, if possible. The extra length is essential to keep you warm. In case you wear a nice matching skirt then jacket length definitely doesn't look out of proportion. Select a navy blue, black or versatile camel color to get a well professional look.
  • Be careful while selecting shoes and opt for ones which have outstanding traction. The height should not be more than 2 1/2 inches. Select shoes which will appear smart and sleek with a pencil suit or skirt.
  • Shawls, scarves, shoes and belts can help you to break the dullness of winter dressing. Jewelry like shiny earrings can surely enhance your work wardrobe as long as you are able to keep it extremely straight and simple.

Take some risk and go for a business winter outfit that you haven't ever imagined yourself in. But don't try and dress something which you are not comfortable with. There are definitely some tactics to look professional and fashionable if you follow some advice from fashion expert. The coming winter will not be able to spoil your work outfit, if you stick to above suggestions.