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Sunday, Apr 20th

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You are here: Lifestyle Fashion and Beauty Do physically attractive people have that attractive IQ?

Do physically attractive people have that attractive IQ?

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External beauty is eye-pleasing and most of the people follow the 'What is beautiful is good' phenomenon. But in reality, is the phenomenon fundamentally correct? Well, a new study has found out a conclusion for this question. Scientists found that attractive people are conformists who tend to be more self promoting. The study says that, beautiful people lack in IQ and talent, additionally stating that 'ugly' has more fun to go with. The charms have no correlation with intellectuality and no notable character traits are seen in such people.

People and especially women seem to be chasing beauty and good looks which contributes to their utmost stupidity. Scientists says that, whether one paints, glues, tapes or attempt any such possible stuff with external body and face, all that eventually going to matter is internal beauty. Extreme limit to such activities is plastic surgery which is in other words, denying nature's truth of unpleasant appearance. Although people try to apply layers over layers of cosmetics, merely trying to look attractive, they seem to be ugly internally and at times give dumb responses, thus proving their dullness.

Good looking and charming people pander their beauty deliberately but the study says that, other side of the coin, of intelligence, is vain in such cases. Such people perhaps have knowledge and intelligence constraints, where beyond certain extent they behave like empty vessels, having hollow knowledge. Nevertheless, their nature of show-off is invariant, and eventually they serve as a paradigm of being nuts.

External appearance and beauty can be luring and perhaps one's eyes may stay glued to such person. But excluding the physical temptation that one feels about such person, as beauty is ephemeral though, intelligence and talent is the factor which lasts longer and perhaps lifelong. A person's life would be more of a 'hunky-dory' kind with rather an ugly creature who has perfect IQ level, than with a person with good physic and beauty. The scientists have thoroughly stated that beautiful people are lackluster, with probably 1 or 2 exceptions and on contrary, ugliness is fascinating as well as full of variety.

The fundamental of 'the Ugly, the intelligent' has been applied by the scientists through their research. So, people now need to change their perspective of beauty, concentrating on intelligence, largely.