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Wednesday, Apr 23rd

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Tips for working moms on managing kid's activities

Tips for working moms on managing kid's activities

You can select your priorities and make a schedule. You need to calculate where you have to give what quality of time. As these activities come along your family schedule; make a list of all the family activities like family gatherings, the child’s school, church and even your work. Now make a second list where everyone is currently engaged in or has the interest. This list contains list like playing games such as soccer, squash, swimming or getting any clubs membership. If the activities are seasonal you can put them in alternates according to the season.

  • Once you prepare the list check it with your family and check which activities your family can actually support. You can for the group activities as these activities will include everyone and can be enjoyed by all.
  • Make the balance.It is very important to balance the activities your child spends the time. The time your child spends in school is gone through the intellectual basis but it will good for developing his personality if you sign him in some physical activities. If your child is going through the multiple activity classes you can also consider some art class or dance class instead of only physical ventures
  • Mark in the calendar.Jot down in a master family calendar all the promising dates you have made. Check where you need to control your time. List all the games, classes and practices as you see a big picture it makes you easy to plan for days as this will prohibit the conflicts between you and your child if there is some important meeting scheduled.
  • Go for the activities that require less of parents time. Working mothers have hard time scheduled in work also hence there are few providers which has made it easier for the children to participate in the activities without the special attention of their parents. For e.g., school schedules the extra periods or classes after the school timing where the child can participate as in all the promotional activities and even wont as ask for the parents time. By the help of this the working moms can give their child the perfect physical enrichment.

These tips will help you to balance the work and your child’s activities without neglecting both.