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Wednesday, Apr 23rd

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Making it possible as a Single Mom

Making it possible as a Single Mom

Motherhood is one of the best feelings that a woman comes along her way of life and it is where she sees the sights of all the novel things that her life bestows upon her. Life is still not that easy for single moms as they have to struggle a lot to make a smoother pattern between both raising child and handling the work perfectly. In a study, it was revealed that nowadays single mothers are also close to the number of hours they spend with their child as compared to married women. But still it is difficult to maintain this balance and to follow it.

A single working woman faces more issues than married women and these issues become significant. Being a single mother you have to focus on many topics such as your work, child care, employment, marital age and even the age of your growing child. The differences behold when these topics gain lots of difference but if you manage them in the statistical way you can make these differences resolve. You need to split your hours as you are the one who is playing the role of both mother and father. Your time matters a lot for your child and is the need of time.

Child raising practice has categories like the basic care time and the interactive care time. The basic care is successively carried out by many parents and even this time is well made by the single women. When your child needs the special care mostly your family or relatives are not there to handle these situations. You have to make it on your own and find options. Many companies grant special flexible time scheme for such mothers. You can also try doing the job in such place; the time grants you some flexibility like being a teacher in some play school, working in a flower shop, becoming a bar tender and many more easy options that maintain the balance in work and child. The best part here is that you can even earn some money at the same time. You can also prepare charts where you can arrange your available time with your child and the way you utilize it.

Being a single mother is never easy but you can unfold the alternatives for yourself to share a better relation between you and your child without time affecting your relationship.