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Friday, Apr 18th

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Balancing career and motherhood

Balancing career and motherhood

Motherhood brings you a new centre for your universe and makes you experience the best and rejuvenating feeling you have ever come upon. But the next bummer hits you when you have also think about the work and here is when you face the difficulty of facing the balance between career and motherhood.

Motherhood and work is a trouble as both have the equal priorities and you need to sort out ways to handle both together. For the new moms job with flexible timings can be a good option. Job opportunities for new mom can be like nurses, secretaries, clerks at supermarkets, and bartenders and if you need a more relaxing job you can go for librarian, instructors at yoga and fitness centers, spa managers, flower shops and etc. these jobs help in motivating new mom along with less and flexible amount of work. Mothers who need to spend more time with their baby extensive care and breast feeding can even apply for the paid leave at their work places for several months.

This kind of job even allow for the complete flexibility of time along with the baby care and hence prove to be the key for balancing mother hood and career at the same time. As these moms need to be sure that their new baby is getting the enough share of their time. While the mom is at work their husband can take care of the child at that part of time or any relative can handle the child for that time.

Child is always the first call for every mother and especially when it’s a new born baby but if you can’t focus on your baby due to the tremendous load of work don’t be guilty. Ask a baby sitter or any provider to take care of your baby in those crucial times. Enjoy and cherish the quality of time you spend with your child irrespective of what career you have.

Aways remember one thing, the days in motherhood are long but the years are short, so don’t miss them.