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Wednesday, Apr 16th

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Top iPhone Apps for Home Office Warrior

Top iPhone Apps for Home Office Warrior

There are many different apps available that have turned a mobile phone into a multifunction tool, which can be very useful in a home office. Here are top iPhone apps that will help you to manage your home office more efficiently.

Evernote is a great app that lets you to capture any moment or ideas as it happens, wherever you are and its cloud-based sync helps you to stay sync’d to your desktop. You can also take snapshot of business card and then manage them with Evernote. Using this app you can also record a quick voice message. It has so many features and some of them you don’t even know until and unless you use it.

1Password stores the passwords in an encrypted form which allows the user to use different passwords for all accounts. Using different passwords, for all the accounts, is the best way to protect you from scammers, hackers and phishers. All you need is to remember the master password to use 1Password. As it keeps complex passwords, logins and other confidential information secure, you can rest assure that all your secrets are safe from the hackers.

Air Sharing:
Air Sharing is a little handy app which enables you to take your files with you on your iPhone and you can access them anywhere. Using this, you can drag-drop your files from your iPhone to your computer and you can also view your documents in many common formats. This app is very easy to set up and run.

Mint is a personal finance app that keeps a record of your money and office budget using your iPhone. You can connect Mint to your Internet banking accounts, so that automatically it will balance your savings. You can keep a record of your money, by categorizing your accounts as receivables and payables. It features colorful graphs and charts to make you understand your budget.

Fringe is a telecommuting app which lets you talk and chat with anyone anywhere in the world for free. You can get started by simply connecting to Wi-Fi hotspot and can meet partners abroad. You can make calls for free, only if the one with whom you want to talk is on Fringe, as well. You can also make calls to landlines via Internet and enjoy low-cost airtime minutes.

iPhone offers these productive apps that will help you to keep your home office well organized. These apps will help you to manage your tasks and will make telecommuting easier and affordable.