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Thursday, Apr 24th

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Government Support for Business Women

Government Support for Business Women

Every business starts with an idea or a dream. To transform your dream into reality, you need finance. There are several types of grants, which are provided by government and other financial institutions, for starting your business or expanding the existing business. While United State Government does not provide grants for small businesses, there are many other state development agencies, local government which grants loan for small business.

Finding the right source of finance in the right place is a hard task. So here are some grants which are provided by government that will help you to make right choice in the most effective way.

Considering the potential of women entrepreneurs, the US government has developed many certification programs to encourage their business. There are many business grants which focus on women who want to start their own business or expand the existing one. While SBA i.e. Small Business Administration, does not directly grant women’s loan but they can direct businesses to a number of government agencies and departments that can provide this type of support.

Small Business grant for women is a great solution to start your own business or venture, but you should put extra efforts for planning your loan proposal. Government grants for women can be blessing for many women entrepreneurs who are seeking for finance for their business.

There are some government grants which are particulary meant for senior women. If you are a senior woman, retired and you want to start your own business, then government can grant a loan for you. Government believes that business owned by senior citizen can improve the economy of their particular area. So, even if you are a senior woman having home-based business, you can apply for senior women’s grant; all you need is a good business plan.

Women entrepreneurs certainly face a unique set of challeges as compared to men entrepreneurs, so this list of grants provided by government to encourage women entrepreneurs will help you to choose right source of finance.