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Wednesday, Apr 23rd

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Benefits of Women in the Military

Benefits of Sports for Girls

Women in the military hold jobs in all career fields apart from the combat arms. Female associates have given important backup for defense. This offers considerable advantages to both the services and the individual women concerned.

In 1942, the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps was established. Those women gave uphold to the troops fighting in WWII, which untied men to serve in the combat theaters. After a year it was transformed to the Women's Army Corps, a division of the United States Army.

In 1978, the WAC stopped to exist. Women in the Army turn out to be full-fledged soldiers and had been assigned to the similar units as men. Since then, they have executed the same jobs, in the same capabilities. Presently, women make up between 15-20 % of the active force.

Women in Combat Situations
Though women have been inaudibly working in combat situations for a very long time, it has only been permitted lawfully since 1994. Presently, women serve on the battleground in many support capacities.

Advantages for Women
The military is an ideal place for women to study lucrative skills that may be hard to come by in the civilian world. Examples include engineering, mechanics, medical, logistic, flight, and administrative proficiency.

Advantages for the Military
All branches of the military hire women. Amongst other things, this permits for a far higher pool of candidates to select from, and it permits the services to seek out the best competent individuals to serve.